Everything you need to prepare & comply with Auto Enrolment in one place.

Getting Started

Get started today £79 + VAT for your reservation fee, then £29+VAT monthly. Monthly payments don't start until 9 months before your staging date.

If you don't have a signup code please email info@aeinabox.co.uk stating your accountant or financial advisers name, your name, your best contact details and your company name.

Signup Code

In order to use AE in a box, you will need the signup code provided to you by your adviser / accountant.

If you've not got a sign up code please email info@aeinabox.co.uk with your company name, contact name and telephone number and the name of your accountant or financial adviser and we'll get you set up.

Your Company Details

Staging date should be given in the following format dd/mm/yyyy (i.e: 21/01/2014 for 21st January 2014)

Not sure of your staging date? Use the online tool from the pension regulator to determine the correct date.
Your Contact Details

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